Boy in the Berhof III


The BOY IN THE BERGHOF takes place soon after the Axis win the Second World War (now called the Last War). Germany now dominates Europe and Africa, Japan everywhere else. "Inferior races" have been wiped out, the few remaining Christians neutralized. 

The Nazi realm — a weird, retro-futuristic feudal society — based on extreme militarism, conformity and patriarchy, as well as a bizarre quasi-religion based on a divine Hitler, who literally created the Third Reich like a lightening bolt out of the blue by the Teutonic God of Thunder. 

The plot revolves around a clique of elite Nazi high officials who worship Wagner—especially the opera PARSIFAL. The novel’s plot further centers on a young Bavarian named Parsifal and his pilgrimage to "The Sacred Berghof" where Hitler has secluded himself after the tumultuous WWII.

As with Orwell’s 1984, after Hitler wins the "Final War," the State controls everything. New Berlin is beginning to loom over the ruins and rubble of a medieval-united Europe, driven by a history being altered beyond recognition. 

Hitler is now worshiped as a mythological god by a horde of bold SS Nazi knights serving as his sycophantic  administrators. All books, records, and even monuments from the past have been destroyed to make the official Third Reich 'reality' the only possible one. 

But the Leader is bored... his beloved Eva is dead. Sacrificed in the bunker while he made his escape to Argentina — only to prevail with his Ultimate Weapon. London & Moscow vaporized — the rest of the planet subjugated & divided with Japan.

The plot of BOY IN THE BERGHOF hinges on Parsival discovering Hitler lonely & alone in the Berghof. A beautiful Bavarian youth with blonde hair and a virgin peachfuzz face. 

Parsifal becomes the secret lover of the Fuhrer —ensconced in his mountain mourning the death of Eva Braun from suicide. The Fuhrer retired now to his elegant aloof Berghof retreat — his vision of the future accomplished.

It is within in such a tragic Wagnerian setting — that the young Parsifal enters the scene. Making possible the heartbreaking dream possible — the grand opera tragedy of the FOURTH REICH. 

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