Tuesday, April 2, 2013



“Mrs. Ferguson was said to
have magical powers.”
—Truman Capote, “Dazzle,”

Years later in New York—
I kept being haunted by the Witch

It was all about feeling guilty—
for stealing my grandmother’s necklace

But it was more than just that tho—
I kept suffering from “missing time”

Mrs. Ferguson had hypnotized me—
swinging that necklace like a pendulum

Back and forth over her head so that—
I plunged into a dazzling darkness

then I woke up back in the Garden District

In front of my house but I didn’t know how—
or who brought me back there that Sunday

All I could remember was her laughter—
sitting there rocking in her rocking chair

Even tho she be long gone & dead—
She still be the Big Easy Voodoo Witch

People came to her for spells & wishes—
marriages, business deals, getting even

My problem was different than that tho—
I couldn’t tell anybody else but her

I told her I didn’t wanna be a boy—
I wanted to be a girl instead dontchaknow

“Well,” she drawled, “you sure be—
prettier than any boy oughtta be…”

So just like that she know my Secret—
she read my Beads and smiled…

“You’re a dumb little faggy son of a bitch—
C’mon honey, bein a girlie boy aint that bad!”

I was simply outraged, shocked to death—
how dare that old Witch call me a queer!!!

She laughed and then started the game—
swinging my grandmother’s lovely necklace

The one with the rubies, diamonds, pearls—
with the big yellow Sapphire glowing bright

“This is what you’ve always wanted, honey”—

The old Voodoo Witch, she hypnotized me—
some sort of strange escape fantasy

She be good at it, disguising herself like—
some dumb old know-nothin washer-woman 

Dat’s how HooDoo survived in the Big Easy—
all that Creole, French, Spanish, Afro-Magic…

So she know my deepest, hidden secret—
but I don’t remember what happened next

All I know is that I paid for it with that—
valuable necklace of my poor grandmother

Years later after coming up to the Big Apple—
I’d forgotten all about New Orleans back then

But then one night at a Manhattan party—
I got higher than a kite on some opium

Plus the usual coke and weed that comes—
with a cocktail party in some fancy penthouse

It was then that I had this DAZZLING flashback—
all the way back then to what really happened

After hypnotizing me with the yellow sapphire—
swinging the necklace back and forth

The witch took me outta the parlor down—
de hallway into this dark bedroom

There this Creole kid not much older than me—
handsome Skeeter young son of the Witch

He be stretched out in bed waiting for me—
without his T-shirt or sailor’s trousers

He’d been drinking rum with the Witch—
getting ready for the usual slow fuck

Mother and son incest didn’t mean nothin’—
not to a Voodoo Queen and her studly Son

She like the young stuff & Skeeter be—
de offspring of a stoned Voodoo rendezvous

He be the one that came & got me to see—
his mother the Voodoo Witch who knew all

She had a lotta Secrets hidden in her mind—
it be easy for her to read my mind & know

Skeeter be the sharp-eyed hoodlum type

Sneering at what his Mama bring him—
smirking Creole blowin smoke rings

Lookin up at the ceiling bored smokin—
a big fat thick expensive Cuban cigar

He fucked me all that afternoon—
no need for sermons or singing anymore

He got me good where it really hurts—
after awhile tho it kinda felt real good

The way I fainted 2 or 3 times straight—
made me realize bein a gay boy be pretty good

It must’ve been the coke and opium—
plus the usual double-martinis dontchaknow

Provoking my DAZZLING FLASHBACK, baby—
talk about Fast Forward Replay Climax!!!

It was then I suddenly realized thanks to—
the Voodoo Queen intuition of Mrs. Ferguson

That all I really needed was to be me—
the man who I was = a man who loved men…

After getting continuously reamed—
inside-out by handsome studly Skeeter

I finally realized the most simple thing—
with each stroke up my fuckin nelly ass

This was Mrs. Ferguson’s gift to me—
professionally delivered so very adroitly

Effortlessly fuckin me to death, baby—
inseminating me with de Voodoo truth…

it all be worth the fuckin necklace

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