"STEP RIGHT UP LADIES!!! And this show be for LADIES only!!!” 

“We got handsome dancing Studs just waitin’ inside—and they can’t wait to show you Ladies just what they GOT!!!”

“Yes, Ladies, you be lucky indeed tonight—cause you’re gonna get to see GOOD STUFF right here in the Big Tent!!! THIS be the Place where we got the World’s Best Male Striptease Show tonight!!! They’re gonna make your tongues hang out Ladies, yes indeed!!!” 

“These guys be SERIOUS about their SLEAZY MALE ENDOWMENTS!!! And they’ll definitely make your nice sweet hot Pussies—damp and weak as one of your dishcloths back home in the kitchen!!!” 

”These Handsome Young Hung STUDS love their WORK—and they can't wait to do the Male Striptease Hootchie Kootchie for all you ladies inside!!! Girls, you’ll get to see things you NEVER EVER dreamed possible!!! They’ll Wiggle their Ass and Flop out their Meat all the way just for you!!! Everything you wanna to see in a Real Man—and then some too!!!” 

"They’re gonna let you see how they move every Naked Muscle—especially that Big Gorgeous Muscle down there between their Strong Legs!!! They be BIG, BAD & BEAUTIFUL, Ladies!!! You won’t be disappointed housewives any longer—this be your Big Night to go SIZE-QUEEN all the way, Ladies!!!

"This be the Show you've all heard about. This be the Male Striptease Show they all been talkin about. You’ll never forget what you’ll see inside our Tent tonight, Ladies. It be the Twelve Inch Wonders of the Known World inside—there’s nothin anywhere like it in Peoria or Topeka!!! C’mon Ladies, Step Right up!!! Now’s the Time to See It All!!!”

“Here they come now, gentlemen!!! These Ladies out here are just dying to see what ya got. I know ya won’t disappoint them—I know you’re warmed up and ready for the Show. C’mon right inside, Ladies—the Big Show be ready to Begin!!!”

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