Perry Smith and Me


“The novel of 
living together
as two men”

Perry Smith my lover—
my tattooed caged stud

My Lansing Death Row—
young convict cocksman

How I loved him so—
getting him off behind bars

I fed and pampered him—
visited him daily in prison

I sucked him off a lot—
we had nothing else to do

I got him an attorney—
going thru all the appeals

I was the only one he—
trusted enough to tell me

Flexing his Tiger Head tattoo—
as I slowly sucked him off

What really happened that—
horrible Holcomb night

It wasn’t in Cold Blood—
it was Perry’s sheer jealousy

Knowing Dick Hickcock—
was gonna go for the girl

That’s why Perry did it—
those shotgun murders

Shocking & scaring Dick—
to death with his lover’s rage

Escaping down to Mexico—
then running outta money

Killers taste different—
knowing they’re gonna hang

You can smell and taste it—
each time they CUM they DIE

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