Answered Prayers


—Truman Capote, Too Brief a Treat: The Letters of Truman Capote 

When did I realize—
I was writing something different?

What made IN COLD BLOOD—
a different kind of novel?

Ditching everything I knew—
calling it a nonfiction novel?

Different than my early stories—

Different than my travelogues—
my filmscript for THE INNOCENTS?

Was it later toward the end—
leaving ANSWERED PRAYERS undone?

Had Kansas really changed me—
subverting and seducing me?

Queering me into writing this—
strange “nonfiction” novel?

The bleak gothic landscape—
the texture of language itself?

Forcing me to junk everything—
all the genres I ever knew

Exiling myself outta myself—
then putting me back in

NO more invisible reportage—
instead becoming the Other

Telling the story all over again—
alone here in this darkness

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