True Love


Sometimes I hate every—
Stupid word you say

Sometimes I wanna slap you—
Then kiss you with both my faces

There’s no one quite like you—
You push all my buttons down there

I know life would suck without you—
All the same I still hate you

I wanna wrap my hands around it—
You’re an asshole but I need you

I’m just mad over you that’s why—
I’m still here, hanging around you

You’re the only love I’ve ever known—
Even tho I still fuckin hate you

So much so it must be true love—
It’s gotta like be fuckin true love

Nothing else can break my heart—
It’s really getting harder & harder

No one else can turn me on—
Who cares if you’re a mental retard

It’s true love, baby, true love—
You’ve got me wrapped around your finger

Please oh Please, be mean to me, baby—
C’mon do it to me real nice and slowly

You can do babe, c’mon that’s the way—
Shoot your brains out you big hunk

Why do you walk away afterwards—
Like without sayin a fuckin thing

Even so, I wonder how in the world—
I ever came to be without you, babe

I think it must be true love true love—
Nothin can break my heart like true love!!!

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