—for Allen Ginsberg

I saw the best minds of my generation—
turn into SHIT, constipated complacent,
shitty ASSHOLES dragging themselves through 
vast lonely empty New Depression streets,
crummy Ghost-Malls and dark back-alleys…

YAKKING away on their dead cell-phones, talking
to themselves in strange twilight Tweeter speak,
floating through ruins of gone Suburban Malls,
parking lots full of burned-out spectral SUV’s…

Their shitty burned-out microwaved—
varicose-veined mushy dead brains,
their meathead ratty robot kids, children of
the Slacker generation, microchips hanging out
their assholes, talking blindly into dead air…

Scowling zombie-eyed American youth—
seduced by Bieber bubble-headed bimbos,
Lady Gaga goosey clones of their Couch Potato 
Daddies & Stepford Wives mommies, 
Saturday afternoon football games and six-pack babies, 
darkness descending over vast pill-popping, snorting, 
marijuana haze American Twilight Zone…

Bored bipolar post-traumatic Deficit Disorder Divas—
back-engineered by scowling bionic shadowy
Dystopian Corporate Monsanto mad scientists down 
to the last GMO gulp & final microwave twitch & 
spastic cell phone tumor. Followed by a nice shitty—
bioluminescent biohazard GREASY FART…

George Orwell’s Bad Hair Day soup du jour—
making sure all of the Prison Planet’s clocks are
like striking Thirteen o’clock. Plus Boredom Bingo
ruling the Bourgeois Masses, entertained by the  
same old fascist TV corporate commissars here in 
the Great Gulag Archipelago WASTE LAND.

Giving our BOZO Baby Boomer offspring & their 
Slacker Generation kids—the Old Soft-Shoe Dance 
down the fuckin drain, beneath another shitty rotten 

sad-sack Miami Blue Moon bloated up there in the 

Sky with bulimic Fukashima glow.

Breeders Awake!!! Take a good look at—your 
fat-assed Big Mac obese children sucking up 
all that cheap mercury-tainted corn syrup in 
all their shitty fast food & Pepsi-Cola. Gobbling 
all the SHIT FOOD down like craved heroin addicts—
all of them fat-assed with diabetes, these are your 
vaccine-poisoned lovely Children of the Night, 
look at what we’ve done to our Pretty Pouty Progeny…

SHIT, double SHIT, triple SHIT—just look at us. 
Aren’t we the Epicurean Epitome of the Evil Empire? 

Aren’t we the Envy of the Whole World—
quickly becoming just another crummy 
two-bit down & out Third World Dump,
hated by all the wised-up BRICS nations—
down the Shitter we go?

Shitty NEW DEPRESSION Weltschmertz—
living inside our illusionary TITANIC sinking dream, 
while we busy ourselves rearranging all the 
deck chairs as the Band Plays On…

SHITTY PONZI Artists, Bankster Gangster schemes—
while Lurid louche Lobbyist Politician Ugly Sisters
dumb us down with Bailouts for the Rich Offshore Elite. 
Mopping up the Remains of the Day—with the usual 
hidden housing market Scams enriched by that 
delicious delinquent Derivative Bubble 
just waiting to fuckin Pop!!!

Ah yes, isn’t the Globalist Agenda so exquisitely sweet—
all that lovely Deregulated Greed, greasy Job Outsourcing 
to those cheap China, Mexican & Indian Slave Labor 
Factories, replacing the Economy with the usual 
Unemployment, Food Stamps and Euthanasia? 

that old Thirties Weimar Kitschy Cabaret Song. 
You know the one—the one with Marlene Dietrich 

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