Sisterly Signifyin'


“You are the best 
thing I never wanted”
—Centino Kemp, First Lady

“Our sisters are hurting.
They desperately yearn
for positive male figures
in their lives”
—T. BensonGlover

It be easy to see how much—
Signifyin’ there be goin on

Between Centino Kemp—
And co-author T. BensonGlover 

How Kemp’s gay reportage—
And BensonGlover’s repartee 

Come together rather nicely—
Signifyin’ about the “Life”

Kemp’s story about being preyed—
upon by Rev. Long a Man of God

And “Sister” Williams’ story—
About growin up in North Philly 

The “Life” keeps us on the run—
from pimps, prison cells & coffins

Sisters give solace & comfort to—
those sisters, raped, tortured, hurt

BensonGlover’s signifyin’ be tres—
intense ghettoese dialoging

Hardly any narrative, mostly—
Signifyin’ stream of consciousness

Sister Williams’ writing style—
Influencing Sister Kemp

Dishing pimps, sugar daddies—
What black sisters hav ta go thru

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