First Lady (2013)


RIHANNA—Centino Kemp
VING RHAMES—Bishop Eddie Long

VING RHAMES plays the charismatic—
Bishop Eddie Long of Atlanta, Georgia

Reprising his knock out performances—
in “Baby Boy” and “Pulp Fiction”

VING RHAMES epitomizes the complex—
troubled, tortured religious leader

As RIHANNA plays Centino Kemp—
singing her heart out in stylish drag

Living and surviving as this yummy—
young Caribbean black queen bee

John Singleton (“Shaft,” “Boyz N the Hood”)—
directs this powerful charming melodrama

Tyrese Gibson plays Centino Kemp—
when Centino be like butchin’ it up 

“First Lady” be a tough and unflinching—
look at modern Deep South urban gay life

In many ways Atlanta and Miami are like—
Living in the intense South Central LA Hood

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