Monday, January 21, 2013

Mulatto Kid Brother



I had this love-hate thing—
With my cute kid brother

Most kid brothers are just—
Stupid fucking pains in the butt

But young Tyrone was cute—
He was Black Chocolate Divinity!!!

He was tall, long and lanky—
And really good at basketball

He had this smooth sweet smile—
So Svelte the way he moved

Everything was a basketball court—
No matter what he was doing

He had these sexy slam shots—
That went straight thru my heart


Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness—
Ran deep thru both Tyrone & me

Sometimes black genealogy—
Plays hide and seek with families

Hiding in the closet or like—

Hidden where it can’t be seen

Mother was a cute redhead—
A high yellow Chicago chick

I was fair-skinned too & my—
Pubes bright-orange like hers

But Tyrone was different—
His proud black genealogy showed

How could my young kid brother—
Sport a twelve inch piece of meat?

How could he be so sexy jet-black—
With a nice big uncut pink head?

Mother blamed her mother & father—
Especially her hung black chauffeur father

Or was it that Chicago black musician—
Young jazz saxophonist at the nightclub?


It was just your usual male incest—
Nothing more than some brotherly love

So what if it was male miscegenal—
Me in love with his big black meat?

I was full of penis envy for Tyrone—
I’m not ashamed to say so either

I felt short-changed with just six—
While Tyrone had a whole twelve inches

He knew I wanted it really bad—
So he played hard to get with me 

From junior high on Tyrone did—
This nasty “Sixty-Nine” on himself lots

He’d let me WATCH sometimes but—
I wasn’t supposed to like TOUCH!

He didn’t need a nice cute girlfriend—
He had his own really hot Expert Lips

Tyrone did himself twice a fucking day—
Then spit out the cum just-for me


I hated Tyrone because he’d—
Like drive me up the fucking wall

He’d tease me with his #1 thing—
I really wanted and needed it bad

His exquisite ebony manhood tool—
The thing made me just drop dead

Sometimes he’d give me a long kiss—
Letting me taste his drooling wad

Oozing slowly outta his tight lips—
Just for me my Romeo kid brother

But I couldn’t get my lips on it—
His engorged penis endowment why?

He’d just shrug and say too queer—
A real mind–fuck for me for sure

Tyrone said his dick was worth $1000—
You got that much dough, Big Brother?

He jived about his Nice Sex Life—
But his big black veiny Penis be Taboo!!!

His wad in itself worth plenty, though—
Just the taste of him made me cream

Then one day Yolanda showed up—
But she wouldn’t give Tyrone a fuck

So that’s how we started doing 3-ways—
Yolanda getting Tyrone’s upper half 

Me finally getting his tense lower half—
Her kissing upstairs with me down below

He didn’t come nice and smooth like—
More like riding a fucking bucking bronco 

I must’ve sprained my neck a dozen times—
But Tyrone sprained his dick even more

Finally Yolanda was like ready to FUCK—
Which left me outta the Big Bad Picture


I followed him home from school—
I didn’t trust him one little bit at all

I knew the first Thing he’d do—
Get naked in bed & suck himself off

He’d beat off in the shower too—
Simply just a terrible waste of cum

He’d masturbate all the fucking time—
I had to be eternally cum-vigilant

Just thinking of Tyrone getting himself off—
Such a greedy little fucking kid brother 

When he dropped outta school—
I thought good! Finally he’ll be all mine

But I was heart-broken & blue, oh man— 
When he signed up to join the NAVY!!!


I saved some of Tyrone for a rainy day—
A Crème of Olay Jar full of his nice Cum

It lasted for a short time, my dears—
A quickie reminder of my Lost Love

Talk about nostalgic dinge déjà vu—
A tart spasm of you know who!

How could I ever forget Tyrone—
Even though he done flew the coop

But Tyrone was glad to ditch me—
He actually hated me that much

He joined the Navy just to get—
Outta town & away from my lips

It was my queenly penis envy—
Wanting every fucking inch of him

I guess there’s nothing worse than—
Having an older faggoty brother?

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