Friday, December 7, 2012



I’d always play it—
By my hunches and like
That’s why I was still
Alive today, I told him

Dick shrugged but—
Didn’t believe me
Like having a built-in
Radar sensing trouble

Premonitions of what—
Was gonna happen and
Lotsa prevarications
About the Clutter thing

Dick would just smile—
Wearing a kid’s grin and
Say “That’s okay, honey,
Everything will work out”


But Dick was just—
Another Witness like
Floyd Welles, both of
Them should be dead

Dick would come up—
With these stupid kinds
Of Propositions that I
Always would fall for

His sullen bravura—
Moody, lop-sided face
Hard not to look at &
Wanna kiss at night

“I’m normal,” Dick said—
“I only dream about blond
Chicken chicks, speaking of
Which I need it really bad”

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