Perry Smith Killer


I pretty much—
Told Truman Capote
The truth about me
And Dick Hickock

A lotta guys—
Fall in love with each
Other in places like
Lansing in the dark

Dick and I sealed—
Our marriage with the
Same tattoo a lot better
Than wedding ring

Rings you can slip off—
But a tattoo is like
Forever ours, it ain’t
Gonna go away


Both Dick and I—
Had a Tiger Tattoo
Me on my left shoulder
Him on his left wrist

It didn’t mean much—
To him but it meant
A lot to me because
Dick was my type

Handsome and sexy—
His jaws, lips and
Whole face slackening
Saliva-dripping lips

His crooked eyes—
And car accident bent
Face made him look
So fucking primitive

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