Victor Bruno

Victor Bruno Plays the Piano  

“Oh, the postman, he won’t mind,
‘Cause Mama says that heaven’s near.
Tho’ you’ve left us both behind,
I am writing, Daddy, dear,
Because I L – O – V - E you!”

I was just about to press the buzzer—
When I could hear it coming up the stairs
The whiny mocking refrain of my hateful
Johnny Be Good ex-loverboy down there

Johnny was having a party with that—
Simply awful maudlin Victor Bruno playing
The piano with snide Johnny doing drag
They were making fun of poor little me

They were guzzling all my gin and whiskey—
Smoking dynamite weed and snorting coke
They simply had no shame and couldn’t wait
To off me and abscond with all my money

My once cute Johnny Be Good lover boy—
Was now just a little fucking trashy Whore
Dancing downstairs in a soiled frump kimono
With faded lilacs and droopy wilting daffodils 

He wore tennis shoes and bobby socks—
The whitish age-thickened flesh of his legs
Covered with ugly bulging broken bluish 
Varicose veins just waiting to go Pop!

While Victor Bruno playing away with—
An expression of mawkish sweetness
Does his best imitation of me in drag
Assuming an attitude of divine prayer

“Now when I’m very good and doing—
Just as I am told, I’m Mama’s li’l angel
Daddy, says I’m same as gold. But when
I’m bad, honey, I’m fucking really BAD!!!”

After my accident though the nice big—
Rehearsal room with its hardwood floor
And baby grand piano & wall-size mirror 
Reflected only dim emptiness & dust.

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