Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rats in the Cellar


Rats in the cellar, parakeet under glass, maudlin mansion with murderous memories, wheelchair gyrations around and around, Blanche ringing her buzzer all the time, Jane Hudson doing her comeback routine like Norma Desmond in drag, look who’s coming for din-din!!!

My favorite scene, Victor Bruno playing the piano in the dingy parlor, suddenly transforming Bette Davis coming down the staircase—into a decadent Diva once again, plucking her tenth Oscar nomination from the cruel embrace of unsympathetic Hollywood Babylon…

Ditching Bela Lugosi, another aging movie star, poor addicted Dracula, cast into the schmaltzy arms of Ed Wood Junior’s trashy schlock Grade-Z movies, while Bette Davis and Joan Crawford do their classy Swan Song with the hardly unexpected Diva inspired chic sophistication and drag queen class…

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