Alien Invasion


When the Aliens
Finally showed up
Nobody expected it to be
An Invasion of Beauty!!!

By some strange twist—
Human beings had expected
Interdimensional contact to
Be rather Exopolitically ugly!!!

But rather than the—
Usual grotesque creatures,
Repulsive blobs, robots
And all that sort of thing

The Aliens turned out—
To be rather artistically
Beautiful in a shockingly
Gay Oscar Wildeian way

Nothing could be worse—
Then a tres gay stunningly
Beautiful Otherworldly Being
Descending the UFO staircase

A swishy Michael Rennie—
Pretty as Dorian Gray
So very Stylish and Gay
To The NYTimes dismay!!!

Thus the Alien Invasion—
Despite being aesthetically
Chic and so cosmopolitan
Devolved the same old way

Panic circled the Globe—
What could be more Alien!!!
And horrible than such a
Gay Galactic Invasion!!!

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