Perverse Prairie Poetry

Perverse Prairie Poetry

FFA Boyz
Animal Husbandry
Horsy Young Ranchers
Chase County
Vocational Ed
Gothic Americana
Stoic Tricks
Being Natural

FFA Boys

Back in high school—
I found the FFA boyz
To be extremely sexy

So much more macho—
Than the pretend-butchy
Types in letter jackets

Instead of wearing those—
Garish leather red & black
Flashy jock jackets

Showing off their prowess—
As football, basketball stars
The usual muy macho

The FFA boyz were much—
More sedate with corduroy
Blue Eisenhower jackets

Animal Husbandry

Whether or not they—
Were goodlooking didn’t
Make any difference

Even the less handsome—
Primitive-looking guys
Were a real turn-on

They didn’t pretend—
They simply were
Themselves that’s all

Maybe it was their—
Pointy cowboy boots &
Cocky Stetson hats?

Maybe their tight—
Bluejeans all snug and
Comfy with their cocks?

Horsy Young Ranchers

Word got around that—
I was interested in
Horse-breeding stuff

Naturally they knew—
All about it and showed
Me how it was done

I blushed so red—
The first time I saw
A stallion go to town

I got weak in the knees—
He laughed and took me
For a ride on the Range

The Z Bar Ranch kid—
“Can you make a racehorse
Run?” he asked me…

Chase County

After that I gave up—
On jocks after school
The wrestling team ho-hum

How many times did—
I lose my virginity in
Chevy pickups at night?

Strong City became—
Awfully strong-tasting
My horsy hunting grounds

The smell of leather—
The Tall Grass Prairie
The Cenozoic chill

Out there late at night—
Under the starry heavens
Chase County Romance…

Vocational Ed

They hung around—
The Vocational Ed Bldg
Across the street

They were already—
Mechanics with engines
And farm equipment

Cars especially and—
Tuning up pickup trucks
Doing oil changes

Practical stuff—
Young farmers and
Rancher Know-How’s

I was just a novice—
But I was a pretty good
Fast study at things

Perverse Prairie Poetry

I began to lose interest in—
Doxtator opining literature
With Mrs Jaquith & Sullivan

Novels and science fiction—
Just didn’t do the trick anymore
After doing the FFA boyz

I was seriously into—
Hardcore Midwestern realism
And Gothic Americana

The FFA boyz reminding me—
Of stark Grant Woods portraits
& Edward Hopper architecture

I accepted the depressing—
Film noir prairie landscape
Wanting to know more…

Stoic Tricks

It was serious business—
Doing business with those
FFA boyz, lanky ranchers

Sometimes a lonely one—
Spotted at the Lyon Country
Fair so awfully alone

The harder they fought it—
Holding it back as long as
They could, looking away

Those were the kind of guys—
Who lost it all the way
So awfully heartbreakingly

I felt sorry for them—
The way some of them almost
Fainted, it was so intense

Being Natural

Naturally they got—
Used to it but still
Always holding it back

Almost as if they—
Had to struggle to
Not lose their Manhood

But when they did—
It was like getting your
Lips on a Shotgun…

A double-barrel shot—
In the dark in a Chevy
Or Ford pickup truck

The look on their faces—
When they saw me get
Every fucking runny squirt


I wish I could say—
I grew out of it but
That’s just a lie

Some went to work—
For Santa Fe after our
Graduation back then

Some stuck with—
Ranching out there & the
Cattlemen’s Association

Emporia had always—
Been a major shipping
And beef operation

Family farming and—
Ranching continued…
They all got married

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