Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

—Back again, honey? Couldn’t get enough?
—My dear, I’m exhausted. I simply couldn’t sleep.
—Ho-hum. You’ve got the Disease. Juan’s Jizz-Fever.

—It’s not that. Surely not that. It can’t be just that.
—Hush, Miss Thing. You’ll wake him up.
—Of course not, dear. We wouldn’t want that.

—Really, Mary? What a skanky old slut you are.
—Juan, that poor child. He must be just drained dry.
—You should know, Miss Dickface. After last night.

—I had no idea, my dear. Such a seminal Valentino!
—Yes, honey—Copious as Copacabana, isn’t he?
—I had no idea Creole Romance could be so…

—So worthy of shameless Betrayal?
—Yes, done in by Rita Hayworth!!! Betrayed!!!
—And yet such a young sweet innocent…

—Please, honey. Your panties are in a twist.
—How could anything so unabashedly unpretentious.
—Please, you slut. You love it, every inch of it.

—I feel so ashamed. I feel completely, totally…
—Betrayed? Of course you do, it’s quite natural…
—Do all young Creoles hide such Blatino Big Ones?

—The better to Betray you with, my dear.
—I feel totally Betrayed, such a whore I’ve become!
—What’s new? You’re about as Innocent as a…

—An old used Rubber? A used Trojan in the gutter?
—Try Semen in the Sewer, Miss Rotor-Rooter.
—So Whitey upstairs, Mandingo in the basement.

—Fix me another martini, won’t you my dear?
—Skip the olive, I wanna do him again.
—Oh dear, look there. we’ve added some hickies.

—Plus a swollen testicle or two, you whore.
—Oh please forgive me, I couldn’t help myself.
—You helped yourself plenty, last night, honey.

—You’re so right about his green cheesy smegma.

—Ho-hum, told you so. It’s my favorite fondue.
—Is that why you keep him kept Captive?

—What do you think, Mary? I’m no dummy.

—All spread-eagled in bed, so very helpless.
—Handcuffs around his wrists & ankles tight…

—Yes, jars of K-Y & Vaseline strewn on the floor.

—He does look a bit like cute Terrence Stamp…
—Yes, like Billy Budd or The Collector…

—Yes, except I’m the Collector this time...
—Yes, of course, my dear, you dreadful Claggart.
—I admit it, I confess it, I live it, I suck it…

—It does wonders for your complexion, Lueez…

—And the wrinkles under my eyes, they’re gone too.
—All those young male hormones, Juan’s so sexy.

—Who needs a Facelift—with Cream like that?
—Those big puffy pouty Botux lips of his…
—Hush, he’s waking up again. Time for his bath.

—He does like the Jacuzzi doesn’t he?
—I’m simply going broke with the coke bill, dear.
—I know, here’s a couple of C-notes for you.

—After last night’s orgy, he is kinda gimpy.

—Gawd, I hope it wasn’t my fault in any way.
—Well, he limps to the bathroom, it hurts him so.

—The left nut or the right nut, we both had one?
—I love it when he faints, it’s so excruciating.
—The look on his twisted face, pure Betrayal.

—That’s what Tyrone said, after Rita blew him.
—I can imagine—“Betrayed by Rita Hayworth!”
—You should know, honey. You shameless whore.

—And I thought Miami Beach boyz looked betrayed…
—So many Creoles in New Orleans—so little time.
—It’s why they call the “Big Easy”…dontchaknow.

—Yes, my dear, “Big” as in “Big Daddy.”
—Yes, “Big Easy” honey…but not easy all the time.
—It don’t come Easy…No “Big Easy” all the time.

—Oh dear me, I know just what you mean…
—Last night that Third Time wasn’t Easy at all.
—That’s when he sprained his Nut, honey.

—Oh my goodness, I’m glad it wasn’t my Lips.
—Sometimes the Look on his face makes me cry…
—Yes, there’s something about a Bad Boy Betrayed…

—That “hurt” look of being Used and Abused…
—Aint it Awful, what Kept Boyz gotta do?
—That Lost Innocence—so Betrayed & Shocked!!!

—That Look on his Face—Down to the Last Drop!
—That betrayed Last Squirt—and Dick Wiggle…
—It’s lucky he’s got such a Fine Big Daddy…

—Such a Fine Sugar Mama like you & me…
—Hush, he’s waking up. He’ll want it again!!!
—So what, honey? I'm simply starved, my dear.

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