Cobra Woman


“Geef me that cobra jool!
Eeet ees rightfully mine!”
—Maria Montez

Maria Montez is—
Hollywood’s campy kitschy
Beautiful hypnotic Cobra
Woman Queen Bee

Emblematic of self-love—
And narcissistic circular time
Montez is Jack Smith’s
Femme Fatale Idolatress

Queen of Cobra Island—
Perverteress of cute Sabu
Twin sister lover of Jon Hall
Moll of Lon Chaney Junior

Cobra jool loincloths—
High Priestess sarongs
Carmen Miranda drag
And volcanic Erections!

Cobra Woman hisses—
Half-snake half-queen
Campy like Hollywood
Costume jewelry cabaret

Camp, kitschy Montez—
Subversive Sodom Snake
Miss Gomorrah grovelings
Transsexual deluxe

Parody, pastiche, kitsch—
She’s “always already” there
Cobra jool of Severo Sarduy
Maria Montez Olay!

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