“I won’t even
harm a fly”
—Norman Bates
Psycho (1960)

Mommy Dearest—
And I live up here
In the mansion

On the hill—
Above the nice
Bates Motel

We both simply—
Adore toasted
Cheese sandwiches

She likes to—
Crochet in her
High-backed rocker

I dress up—
As Mom on Halloween
It’s great fun

Drag is the—
Only way to get
Off these days

Turns me on too
Gutting dead people

Just the other day—
I stuffed a really cute
Nosy Detective

I got him real good—
Coming up the stairs
Nice slice and dice

Then I took him—
Down in the basement
And did him nice

My attractions—
Seem to center on
Tony Perkins

He’s my Hollywood—
Gay Silver Screen
Heartthrob Queen

I’m not much—
Attracted to that
Slutty Janet Leigh—

I really prefer—
Her hot boyfriend
Cute John Gavin

His broad shoulders—
Those sexy tight hips
His bedroom eyes

I’d sure like to—
Get him in the Bates
Motel showers


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