Psycho III


“The cinematic murder lasts a
total of forty-five seconds, but
seems like an eternity"
—Scott Heim
The Death of Anthony Perkins


Gavin plunks down his—
Billfold and his big
Black Luger

He’s hot and gritty—
The shoddy Bates
Motel stinks

John Gavin—
Takes a shower
Next door

Norman ogles thru—
The secret peephole
At the stud!!!

John Gavin’s—
A hot Number #1
Undressing himself

His curlicue pubes—
Sizzle like hot
Frying bacon

Gavin strips off—
His tight shorts
His Speedo underwear

His nice ass—
Whispering invitations
To the motel walls

Norman is pretty—
Persnickety when it
Comes to Tricks

But John Gavin’s—
Ten inches makes
Things simply perfect

Saguaros and yuccas—
Pose like sinister statues
In the parking lot

The VACANCY sign—
Blinks neon blood-red
Nervously outside

It all seems filmic—
Somehow deliberate: 
A coyote howls in the dark

Norman plays with myself—
Smokes a big fat joint
Cruising Gavin’s groin

Mother waits up there—
In her rocking chair by
The mansion window

Back and forth—
The creaking sound of
Death approaching

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