Sobs of Germania

“The gutturals of their
sobs of Germania”
—Ted Hughes
“Blood and Innocence,”
Birthday Letters

Down in Ted’s pubic Walhalla—
Jerking off his Yggdrasil tree

It was his Yew tree he said—
Big Daddy’s gnarly World Tree

He’d demand it all the time—
Even if I didn’t want to

I’d give it to him and—
He’d electrocute me to death

Electrodes sizzling my pussy—
My hair standing straight up

He’d drill me to fuckin death—
As if he were drilling for oil

Then he’d demand oral sex—
Sloppy seconds down my throat

Just because I was pregnant—
He still needed to get off

He’d haul me into bed—
Just another dirty Big Daddy

Afterwards it was just ho-hum—
Off to T.S. Eliot’s cocktail party

He was the new Faber fucker—
Auden and the queens swooned

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