“Wrong is right,
right is wrong”
—Ted Hughes
“The Black Bird,”
Birthday Letters

You were my big bad Jailor—
Your jizzy big dick imprisoned me

You nursed it ever so manly—
All those Cambridge girls you knew

You played at being Campus Gigolo—
You had your entourage of lovers

Sliding your big dick inside me—
Making me flutter my virgin eyelids

You were my Dungeon Master—
My pussy craved your Rack and Screw

You made me weep and beg for it—
I had no shame always chasing you

I was like a famished Robin Redbreast—
Pulling your thick worm outta your pants

You were surely God’s gift to women—
Wrapping their legs around your neck at night

Your bed was my prison cell—
My life sentence was falling for you

I’d do it all over again—
Even knowing what I know now

I was just a young dumb Fulbright fuck—
Your demonic prong had me entranced

Your manly Moors Heathcliff cock—
Veiny thick Yew tree deep inside me

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