Assia Wevill

“It was her
mock surprise”
—Ted Hughes
Birthday Letters

You didn’t find her—she found you
She sniffed you out—and went for you

We were just a minor diversion—
Puppets for her little performance

She fascinated you, shocked you—
With her pretending innocence

She pretended to be a hanged woman—
Popped-out eyeballs, strangled by you

A witch’s daughter, Black Forest whore—
A modern Lilith with greasy nails

She sat there with her soot-wet mascara—
Batting her conniving eyes at you

Slightly filthy with erotic mystery—
Her black Mongolian erect pubic hair

She told you her made-up dream—
About a giant slithery Pike in a lake

She knew you’d be a sucker for it—
It made your Mytholmroyd dick throb

You’d fallen in love with her then—
Without even knowing it, how dumb

I knew then the nightmare had begun—
You melted like any normal male would

Inside the Pike’s golden-globed eye—
I saw you making love to her soon

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