“A thought-entity—
like Ubik”
—Philip K. Dick

“The cleavage—
is complete”
—William Carlos Williams
Spring and All

riverrun — past eve and adam
from swerve — to shore
to bend of bay — brings us
a commodius — vicus
recirculation — back to
howth castle — and environs

apollonius  of tyana — hermes trismegistus
that which is above — is below
universe — as hologram
according to — pdk’s valis

the tasks above — the flasks below
sez the emerald — canticle of hermes
solarsystemized — seriocosmically
more & more — expanding universe
rhymeless reason — original sun

a thought-entity — like ubik
had it ever — occurred to me that
the written pages — had a life of their own
they themselves — decided
to come to me — deciding to come
and deciding — to depart?
was i aware — of the incredible
deviousness — of language?

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