“The Erection—
of the Myth of
the Bitch Goddess
or Evil Double”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method
and Madness

Bitchy Poetics

“What Alvarez has not
seen is Sylvia’s love for
double entendres her
belief that the bitch
goddess was male in
her drive for power”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 

A big mistake

By the Alvarez literati
Not helping Sylvia connect
More to her Butchy side

Her hotline el primitivo—
Wired to her unconsciousness
Her great struggles with
Bitchy Phallocentric Poetics

Instinctual energies—
Hardly Mauve & Miss Mince
Hardly Alvarez allusive
Sylvia’s Arielesque Artemis

Sylvia was butchy—
New England bitchy too
Sapphic Lesbos Moderne
Huntress extraordinaire

Dyke Fuck

“the masculine urge
of her bitch goddess
who wanted power
and could possibly
conceive of another
woman as sex object”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 

The stars stand still—
Clocks stop ticking and
The page burns, my dear

Str8t Male Critics don’t wanna—
Think that the Bitch Goddess
Was really a Closeted Dyke

Her unwritten Self—
Bitch Goddess Sisterhood
Possessed prematurely

American fugue—
Sickened by male Tulips
And crude Electro-Shock

Jaguar Jugular

“Sylvia is playing
with a kind of horror
motif that must have
tickled the imprisoned
bitch goddess to laughter,
sardonic or otherwise”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 


Terrifying her sleek—
Thighs, naked appetite
Coiled spring of death

She hunts men—
For their animal vitality
Sucking them dry

Pussy poetess—
British Bitch Goddess
Violent Vulva Vixen

Pike, pigs, panthers—
She’s carnal & carnivorous
Goes for his jugular vein

The Wound

“What was behind Sylvia’s
awesome fertility of the
moment? Something was
nagging at her unconscious,
stirring up the dark waters
where the bitch goddess
had her nest, Ted was
drifting away and her
marriage was about to
collapse.”—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 

Wounded by denial—
Queered by sublimation
Sick of str8t domination

Ted was her trophy—
All the other priestesses
Pouting like Dido Merwin

Face lifts got rid of—
All those wrinkly marriages
Dido wanted Ted desperately

But there’s no way—
Of disguising the truth
Dido’s pussy just wasn’t
Young & supple anymore!

Against Confession

“The bitch goddess
was repressed as she
had never been before
by the young wife
enjoying the advantages
of her new role and the
pleasures of a shared
future.”—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 

Avoiding the direct—
Autobiographical method
Sylvia the Bitch Goddess
Did things differently

She let her poems—
Emerge slowly from
The Solar Midnight
Of her Swollen Pussy

She kept things—
In the dark, unseen
She wrote violently
Letting others pout

Her pussy’s possessed—
An Animal mind that
Males feared in their
Slithery Snakehood

The Snake’s Stain

“Art will endure—
including Sylvia’s own
poetry—the bitch goddess
myth—despite the death
of the other self, the
flesh-and-blood mother,
the sacrificial lamb, a
woman killed by a male
reality and culture.”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 


Sylvia’s anxiety—
Wasn’t like Ted’s
With his Pike ideology
And Mytholmroyd myths

Being Bitch Goddess—
Her precocious dyke
Powerful pussy worry
Worse than Ted’s

What was it that—
Stained Court Green
Late at night by that
Old rotting Cemetery?

Sniffing, smelling—
The primal stink and
Stench of all those
Dear Dead Pussies?

Faber and Faber

“Sylvia translating the
bitch goddess into artifice
and defining her terrors
in terms of Hiroshima
and Auschwitz”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 


Viciousness in the—
Faber & Faber stairwell
Miss Eliot & her gang of
Queer cronies gathered

Miss Auden with her—
Reptilian wrinkled neck
Leering at Ted’s crotch
Over his tipsy martini

Silly Miss Spender—
Slipping & sliding against
The staircase banister
Wanting to woo Ted too

Miss MacNeice niggardly—
Sipping her drink while
Ted glared at this bunch
Of effete British Fags

Fertility Goddess

“The bitch goddess
was permitted to say
all the things she had
wanted to say but 
could not when
restrained by love
and middle-class
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 


What else could eunuchs—
And kept men of the louche
And decadent Waste Land
Do but leer and lust?

Getting their hands on—
The Male Modernist moment
Gripping the newborn baby
Concealed in Hughes’ crotch?

Despite their cool—
Aloof Effacement of the
Zoo keeper’s wife hissing 
There back home alone

Madame Sosostris—
Had already predicted
Thru Tarot and Ouija
Sylvia’s Waste Land revenge


“Medusa herself had
been a prime archetype
for Sylvia’s urge to freeze
experience in poetry.”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 


Sylvia writes for herself—
In this incarnation she’s discovered
The intoxication of Ariel’s power

The millennium’s sad clichés—
Attending to Yeats’ descending into
Decadent Bethlehem visions

She admires Yeats immensely—
Letting herself go to gyre & slouch her
Way anew into the awful Vision

Arielesque her new nom de plume—
Burning brightly there on Fitzroy Road
Her new Bitch Goddess persona

Bitch Goddess Plans Unfolding

“Ted’s abandonment,
the end of her marriage,
had freed her to become
the bitch goddess”
—Edward Butscher
Sylvia Plath: Method 

A petulant stubborn dizzy Life—
Sickened by Tulips & Electro-Shock
Every poem a meathead manifesto

Larkin calling her in his cold way—
A “Hammer Film poet” who learned
Like Berryman how to jump off a bridge?

You know, like Miss Lowell & Sexton—
Curiously hurried with offhand vignettes
Seemingly too personal to be practical

Shockingly chic yet somehow closeted—
A yolk lace or noose of silk kimono pose
Ravishing, choking, strangling her to death?

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