Wednesday, April 11, 2012



“A bad event
happened to me
but its having
occurred became
even more complicated
in my thinking
about it.”
—Barrett Watten


He was mother’s—
Boyfriend back then
A young intern at
The hospital and
Very goodlooking

She’d go out—
For cigarettes but
She’d end up in a
Bar flirting with
Some men

She’d leave him—
There in bed
Bored “stiff”
After sex with
Nothing to do

He’d slide the—
Sheets back
Letting me see
What mother
Liked to fuck

Crawling into bed—
With him, I knew
Mother wouldn’t be
Back for awhile
Getting him off

Bad seed—
Was my only
Excuse I suppose
I was a lot like
Mommy Dearest


Bad seed—
And bad history
Runs in my family
Like my mother’s
Big bad pouty lips

That’s what the—
Young intern said
Sticking his tongue
Down my throat &
Fucking me silly

Too bad you’re—
Not a Woman he
Said fucking me
To death there
In that duplex

That’s okay—
Because I felt
That way anyway
As he reamed me

Daddy was—
There in Korea
Mommy wanted
A divorce & I
Wanted Dick


Even tho—
Lots of these bad
Things happened
To me, well, like
pretty soon…

Pretty soon—
I just kinda got
Used to it happening
And happening like
That all the time

There’s been—
For example, just
Oodles & oodles
Of wars since
Korea & Viet Nam

That’s after—
My parents got
A divorce & like
I was pretty much
Wised-up by then

After that—
I lost track of
How many dicks
And wars kept
Comin down

Short wars—
Long wars, big
Wars, little wars
Viet Nam, Iraq,
You name it


Big dicks—
Little dicks &
All those Str8t
Guyz & rich
Sugar Daddies

Bad history—
Kept happening
To me but I
Didn’t think
Much about it

Even when—
Bad boyz rolled
Me & beat me up
Bad history just
Kept turning me on

Bad history—
Bad boyz, bad
Seed, bad attitude
That’s the way it was
Bildungsroman blues


Well, that’s just—
The way it works
Males and war
That kinda stuff
So muy macho

Pushy, precocious,
Postmodern pricks,
Lotsa bad attitude
The way I liked it

Bad vibes and—
Bad history kinda
Became my edgy
Nervous lifestyle
I loved it, baby

I was wired—
Sticking my nelly
Tongue into a live
Light socket & then
Turning the switch!!!

Bad romance—
Jerked me around
By the ring in my
Nose plus my tit
Ring yanked too


Writing about it—
Was the best thing
Of all just ask my
Bleeding wounded
Auden Asshole

I gave up on—
All those Anti-War
Protests and ugly
Marches shutting
Down the Freeway

“Wichita Sutra”—
And the best minds
Of my generation
Didn’t do anything
To stop Viet Nam

Probably it was—
Cronkite doing his
Countdown on TV
Every night that
Stopped the Show

“That’s the way—
It is, honey, and
Like you were
There, baby”
Said Miss Cronkite


Talking & talking—
Facebook schmooze
Texting & texting
Cellphones rules
All our lives now

Google knows all—
Google Desktop tracks
All my Word Documents
All my lovely Homsexual
Poems published online!

Bad history keeps—
Happening and nothing
Changes except there’s
Lots more Porno and
“Brazil” surveillance

It’s all so sci-fi—
Dystopia ruling the
Blogosphere plus this
Cheesy planet

Bad Attitude—
Gets heavier and
Heavier & soon
It’s bye-bye to
Orwellian 1984 Lite

Bad Boy cybernetics—
No-Exit technologies
Embedded microchips
Dumbed down masses
Globalization complete

Hoodlum Neuromancers
Gangster Wal-Marts
Late Capitalism Drag
Bad History Burlesque

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