Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yakuza Rough Trade


Yakuza Rough Trade

“To show things as they are”

—Donald Richie,
A Hundred
Years of Japanese Film

Violence is cool—

Cool is nonverbal like a

Manga fantasy

The storyboard tale—

An assemblage of action

Discrete quick sex


No chronology—

Little linkage, much assumed


Viewers emotion—

Beside the point: being it =

To be out of it


S & M cool—

Not the despised uetto (wet)

But dorai (dry) other

Manga / anime—

Uninvolved & devolving

Popular youth flicks


Violence is chic—

Like Quentin Tarantino

Uninvolved / untouched

The danger is safe—

Insulated narrative

Manga rough-trade love


Fast / familiar—

The only narrative that

Most young people know

Bite-sized comix frames—

Action chronology drives

The quick storyline


He tied me up and—

Got me stoned & out of it

Yakuza gangster

Ruthless, relentless—

Stoic, static camera

Pensive cool sketches


He is yakuza—

Aestheticized violence

Interests him

Subdued violence—

Young tough gangster roughtrade

I fell in love bad


It was manga sex—

It turned me on tied-up tight

Yakuza boyfriend

Expressionless thing—

A lot of pent-up tension

Wanting to come out


Blood-bath excesses—

Jitsuoroku-eign jizz

Unstoppable style

A slow hit-mission—

Facial muscles-moving

Reduced to know pain


Singularly detached—

Coolness generating cool

Manga-like feelings

Like “Reservoir Dogs”—

Macho romanticism

Turns & looks away


Static camera—

Manga filmic narrative

One-shot-one-scene style

Takes in the action—

No matter how bad it looks

Simple contrast rules…


Violent contrast—

Between static S/M scenes

And mayhem-filled shots

Simmering silence—

Timed bursts trademark violence

Gangster chic costumes


Minimal acting—

No over-the-top action

Getting into me

Too hot for the gangs—

Taking his time with me tho

Yakuza rough trade

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