Dead Planet LXII

Dead Planet LXII

Scifaiku Sayonara

Abandoned corpses—
A million on TV
But no viewers left

All the diplomats—
TEMPCO GE Japanese
Bureaucrats have fled

Off to Singapore—
Hong Kong & San Francisco
But there’s no Escape

In sullen silence—
Uncompromising nature
Poisons the jet-stream

Mt. Fuji looks down—
Old volcano grinning skull
Depressing age ends

“The United States and Japan face the most challenging security environment in the history of the alliance,” the cable quotes Mr. Campbell as saying. His Japanese counterpart, Kazuyoshi Umemoto, the director general of North American affairs at the Foreign Ministry, replied that his government must do more so “the public better understands threats to Japan.”—Martin Fackler, “Cables Show U.S. Concern on Japan’s Disaster Readiness,” NYTimes, May 3, 2011

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