Dead Planet LXI

Dead Planet LXI ___________________________

Scifaiku Postcards


Sushi bodies drift—
Dying Tsunami Planet
Fukushima death

Mississippi noir—
Katrina BP Planet
Poisoned Gulf Delta

My head floats downstream—
Severed from its lost body
Grinning skull with teeth


Emerging upward—
Invisible mushroom cloud
Like a huge cypress

Dark seaweeds beneath—
The coastal waters offshore
Lifting human arms

Misshapen pale hands—
Reaching up to protect their
Waterlogged children


Evil blue X-rays—
Imperceptible to us
Invisible death

Moving thru the walls—
Thru condos & skyscrapers
Tokyo wasteland debris

All the bankers flee—
Executive leer jets fly
Away to Hong Kong


Radio death dreams—
Float behind my dead gone eyes
X-rated movies

Isotopes eating—
Slowly away inside my brain
Lobotomy Lite

Chernobyl sheen—
My complexion turns toadskin
One eye on floor


The cyanide pill—
TEMPCO gives all us workers
Curls my bitter lips

GE on the phone—
“Your medical benefits
Have been denied you”

Dead open eyeballs—
Gazing out out the window
Nagasaki sky

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