Dead Planet LVIII

Dead Planet LVIII

Fukushima Haiku

Each raindrop is death—
Nagasaki karma’s back
Time for some blow-back

Across Pacific—
Hiroshima mon amour
Here in Seattle

Puget Sound seaweed—
Radioactive salmon
Poisoned trout & clams

Like the BP Gulf—
Dead shrimp, pelicans, turtles
Blowouts, meltdowns, death

Worse than Katrina—
Redneck Riviera gone
Florida beaches…

How lucky I thought—
Here in the pristine Northwest
Not yet a sewer

But cesium’s here—
The Invisible Plague
See how I’m glowing?

Godzilla’s Revenge—
Rampaging thru Tokyo
Bankers are fleeing

Tainted water, milk—
The People are left to rot
Dying Nuke Victims

First the Earthquake comes—
Just like down there in Haiti
Our Troops standing by

As if they knew it—
Was going to happen
Ships waiting offshore

New Count Frankensteins—
Their Castle of HAARP machines
“Ready to Rumble, boyz?”

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