Time for the Stars

Time for the Stars

“I want to get this straight
because there has been a
lot of nonsense about twins.
He’s the right-handed one—
I’m the left-handed one. And
he’s the one with the big
big piece of cake.”
—Robert Heinlein,
“Time for the Stars”

when did it happen—
when did the scifaiku muse
get a hold of me?

it was way back when—
during my adolescence
that age of wonder

so many young men—
go thru juvie-sci-fi love
when they’re teenagers

it’s the golden age—
amazing sci-fi stories
paperback novels

it’s the time when—
your boyish bildungsroman
is like a movie

back when radio—
can turn captain video
into the real thing

when the spoken word—
can conjure up fairy tale

before tv sets—
destroyed the young eidetic

the storyteller—
beowulfian magic
anglo-sax wordhoard

the ability—
of the third eye to focus
on the inward plot

the null-a story—
the van vogt narrative line
dreaming it forward…

like charles beaumont—
the twilight zone script writer
said about viewing

television is—
the lazy man’s seeing game
image atrophy

it takes the vivid—
outta vivid dreaming time
nixes the image

and nothing’s really—
as important as image
for scifaiku lit

tight concise snapshots—
seventeen syllables long
it’s just that simple

robert heinlein’s book—
time for the stars the first time
really noticed it

telepathic bros—
the speed of light paradox
torchships to the stars

thru twin telepathic bros
time shift for the starz

i knew it was true—
i could feel it with tyrone
his clairvoyant cock

long range foundation journey
thinking of tyrone

he could read my mind—
and i could read his mind too
on the same wavelength

brotherly love helped—
to span light-years of distance
between him and me

vandal of the void—
i wanted his big secret
of saturn’s rings bad

scifaiku lover—
my space trooper kid brother
his killer ray-gun

getting him off nice—
his whole sophomore year there
at blow job high school

before joining the—
navy to get away from
his faggot brother

all i could think of—
wanting to get tyrone off
my esp lips…

mind-melding with it—
becoming one with my kid
brother’s young manhood

just like every day—
can be scifaiku you know
if you just let it

earthy mother earth—
interplanetary vibes
right under your nose

him taking a pee—
one long stream in the toilet
other on the floor

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