Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Space Ghetto

Space Ghetto

Can I talk about space ghetto?
That’s where I’m from, man
Listen up, whoa

Just ridin’ through the universe—
What I see don’t look too good
All my sisters hustlin’
All my brothers strugglin’
Just to be Queen for Another Day
Just another lay
That’s just the way it is

Just the way it is—
Living in the space ghetto
Trying to make it stay hard
Living in the space ghetto
Spaced out, ain’t gotta job
Living in the space ghetto
In the ghetto, ghetto whoa

Still got so many memories—
Growing up with my family (Oh family)
Martian sunsets ‘till I die (Throw it up)
Even tho I’m living in a swanky
Mare Tyrrhenum highrise whoa
Ain’t where you are but where you ain’t
Spending all your dayz in space ghetto!!!

Living in the space ghetto—
People don’t got no where to go—
Living in the space ghetto
Pimps and hustlers don’t wanna know
They’re livin’ in a space ghetto
All the queens goin’ down for Uranus
Givin’ rim-jobs on Neptune nightly
Somebody tell me why I’m so wasted

This is for Tupac on Titan—
Don’t give up, stay off your knees
Prayin’ every night ‘bout it ‘bout it
Getting’ it now in the space ghetto
2 o’clock in the morning and I need some
Gimme your dark ghetto Pluto hot stuff!!!
Gimme your nice Venusian young stuff!!!

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