Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rude Planet

Rude Planet

“Earth is out of bounds
for us now; it remains
a planet accessible only
through media”
—Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika
Sagar, “Otolith” (2003)

Mother Earth changed me—into a bad Rude Boy.

I got dizzy—falling & falling into her motion sickness.

She said it wouldn’t last long—but it lasted forever.

I ended up—all the way to Alpha Centauri and back.

I wasn’t any longer—just a stupid little Earth Boy.

They say Earth Boyz are easy—ain’t that the truth.

I was so easy—I didn’t know what fuckin’ hit me.

I got sucked into time travel—she really did it to me.

When I got back home—Otolith had already started.

A post-nuke apocalyptic future—had already taken over.

That’s how I ended up here—in sad orbit nostalgia.

New Age mutant—sifting through past tense flashbacks.

Me just one of her Bad Boyz—with my YouTube memories.

Moping thru the archives—of her 21st century.

Dr. Usha Adelbaran Sagar—was up there with me.

She was Valentina Tereshkova—Queen of Outer Space.

The first Russian woman cosmonaut—to orbit Earth.

The year was 2103—she was in love with me.

“For us,” she said—"there will be no more history.”

“We’ll have to reinvent it—the old history is dead.”

“The mushroom clouds—got rid of all that for us.”

“All we have left—is your YouTube flicks.”

Images of variable quality—different kinds.

Mixing it up—the future ain’t what it used to be.

The Blue Scholars—“Paul Valéry.”

Miles Davis and—“He Was Madly in Love With Him.”

“Music is all in the breaks:
the distance between—
listening to Miles & Macero’s
“He Loved Him Madly” and
crossing all thresholds with
and through it, leaving every
old belief system: rock, jazz,
soul, Electro, HipHop, House,
Acid, drum’n’bass, electronics,
Techno and dub—forever.”
—Kodwo Eshun, More Brilliant
Than the Sun

No more private memories—just some Future clips

There’s no future history—without music.

And no images—without future music.

Image of the future—“Paul Valéry.”

We float in microgravity—above the ruins.

We get confused—and disorientated.

We suffer from—Benign Positional Vertigo.

It’s a neurological disorder—inside our ears.

The little calcium carbonate particles—otoliths.

They get displaced—by free fall in outer space.

They gravitate longitudinally—back on Earth.

But up here they get—displaced really bad.

BPV is caused by—lack of gravity.

The otoliths inform our brain—we’re tilting wrong.

The canals and “ear stones”—don’t work anymore.

We end up with—“motion sickness.”

Rotation in orbit—no linear motion anymore.

The otoliths change signals—sein und zeit nicht.

It effects our understanding—of multiple dimensions.

Historical, terrestrial, evolutionary—goes kaput.

We bring it together—existing images differently.

Agravic space-time—has to be reconceived.

We invented it—temporary Heterotopia for the Now.

Concentrating our apprehension—on disorientation.

And everything else—that accompanies global crisis.

Thru this understanding—we reinvented microgravity.

As a field of forces—that immerses and extends.

Navigation thru the agravic field—thru Music herself.

She allows Awareness—of groundless systems.

Her new Era—of Pre-emptive Sun-Ra Strike.

Linking three historical moments—up in orbit

Mutant future of the 22nd Century

The ambient fear of the early 21st Century

And post independence era of the mid 20th Century

Above the historical ruins—her fictional Narrative

Residing in a permanent state—of weightlessness

BPV preventing her habitation—down on Earth

Speculating on the evolution—of humankind

Thru an investigation—of my YouTube archives

Using the form of sonic fiction—to test it

Gazing down on Amsterdam—and London in ruins

My former residence—at Nanjing Institute, China

More interested now—in dystopian potentials

Archaeologies of gone Afrodiasporic cultures

Sonic fictions—probing the archival images

Exploring the poeticization—of mediated memory

Taking its name from—the idea of Otolith Lit

Those minute particles—found in the inner ear

That help us to balance—and navigate our way

Thru the wormholes—eating away thru space

Reorienting her fiction—by weaving personally

And firsthand—new male histories of Sun Ra Land

My meditation—on the persistence of dystopian despair

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