Slan 9

Bad Biology inside my Head—
There ain’t anything I can do
I’m just a 16-year-old Slan virgin
I’ve never been in bed with a woman before
No girls or second generation Slan chicks
No Tendrilless babes to love me tonight
I’m as virgin as the snows of Titan—
I feel weak—my head’s going round & round
Like a Merry-go-round—up there in the sky
Rings of Saturn—my, oh my!!!
I gotta get me a chick—to tell me why!!!
Why oh why??? Am I a mutant Slan boy!!!

She got me good—
What else could I do—she did me in
She got inside my Head—
She told me things about me
That nobody else had ever said—
That I’d never know—without her
She was good at it—dontchaknow?
Some Slan chicks—they got the gift…
The soft touch—reading your mind
Like when you’re making love?
My whole life nothing but Bad Biology—
Like all Slan boyz—on the run
“Nothing’s easy,” she said—
Helping me, holding me tight
As I shot my brains out…

She knew my name Jommy—
Plus she knew all about John Petty
Shielding his true thoughts the way
He did in that fast Cadillac limo—
She knew all about Sam Enders
His hoodlum driver, his chauffeur—
His Bodyguard—powerful men, I sure
Picked the right car to hitchhike on
She said—smiling at me knowingly

Petty the chief of police—right hand
Man for the Planet’s most powerful man—
Dictator Kier Gary. She used my mind
To get into their heads—she was the true
Notorious Slan Hunter—cool, relaxed,
Indifferent to the speed of light,
Her mind far away and distant—
Thinking like her Dictator father
About the SLAN Agenda

Pretty much on the same track—
Their slow, meditative Slan minds—
Extraordinary minds both of them
Good at shielding their thoughts with
The blur of surface illusions—
Remorseless Slans, highly trained
Ambitious and ready for a coup
She caught the thread of one of Petty’s
Afterthoughts—“I’ve got to kill that slan
Chick, Kathleen Layton. That’s the only
Way to undermine Kier Gray—“

I suddenly got ice-cold in bed—
Reading her mind—like she was
Reading mine…

She was Kathleen Layton—
My half-sister and Kier Gray
Was my father too...

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