Saturday, February 6, 2010


Slan 8

Just before passing out—
I could feel the world squeezing—
Squeezing me smaller & smaller
Downward into the rabbit hole
A tiny dark hole with me trying to
Squeeze thru it—squeezing down
Where things got darker & darker
Smooth around the edges—
I could smell her black hair

Edges of a noir darkness—
The darkness was soothing
Like a femme fatale’s last embrace
All around me the soldiers and
Police swarming in alleyways—
Searching every house, block by
Block, every building, their minds
Full of sinister static everywhere—
Many minds seeking me out

Then I felt her mind again—
She had me in her waterbed
Naked and bandaged beneath
Clean sheets—her mind not
Touched with killer premonitions
She was without the usual city
Urgency surging through the
Humans—she was subtle slinky
Stealthy like me because she
Was a Slan too—protecting me
The only way she knew how

“Shut up,” she said—
As she grabbed me down there
With her mind & delicate Slan fingers
Delving into my fading memory—
Masking my presence with her own
Mind—pretending I was her husband
Shielding me from the Mobsters
And the Dictator’s prowling men
Who wanted to get their hands on
Me but she beat them to it...

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