Slan 7

Suddenly I felt her mind—
The woman waiting for me
At the top of the stairs—
She was young & her kimono
Was Martian sleek silk—
It clung to her like skin
She watched me stumble
Up toward her—

The straight rapacious mob—
Was chasing me as I fled slower
And slower, my strength fading
With each leaden footstep forward
Knowing I wasn’t going to make it—
Swaying, staggering up the steep
Stairs—one more step and…

Even as I lost consciousness—
All I could think about was the
Face of my mother, Patricia Cross—
Her last thought she threw to me
As she shoved me forward onto
The limo’s bumper to grab a hold
Of as it sped away with my life—

Her last thought—“I love you…”
Then the horror of bullets flying—
Not looking back but feeling her
Getting gunned down in cold blood—
Back there on the mean streets
Of this horrible city of Centropolis
Where they got my father as well
They were going to get me too—
I was a young Slan on the run

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