I Walked With A Zombie

I Walked With A Zombie


You’ll never guess—what I did last night!!!
“What’d you do dude?”—I Walked with a Zombie!!!
I opened the crypt—got down with my baby!!!

I laid her in the graveyard—deep at midnight
Her tits were ice-cold—to my clammy touch
The dead don’t die—they’re not alive!!!

I’ve got a dead girlfriend—by my side
She’s been cursed—I like it that way
She’s a horrifying delight—it feels so tight!!!

She’s got a noose—around my neck
She snaps it real tight—pulls it real hard
I know what’s next—when I see stars!!!

She’s got ice-blue lips—frigid fingers
She’s so demanding—so very decomposing
She wants my head—on the butcher’s block!!!

Beauty gets down—in this horror flick
She makes me spill my guts—on old tombstones
She gets mean—down in the mausoleum!!!
She makes me do—anything she wants
And that's okay with me—because I'm easy
I’m always cruisin'—with my cute zombie baby!!!
I walked with a zombie, zombie, zombie!!!
I stalked with a zombie, zombie, zombie!!!
I made love with a zombie, zombie, zombie!!!

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