Friday, September 11, 2009

I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

I Walked With a Zombie (1943)

“I walked with a zombie...
sounds strange to say.”
—Francis Dee,
I Walked With a Zombie

Dwayne Jerome—was good at it
Cultivating his talent—at tormenting me
As both Boss Cupid—and dead Zombie
He was good at—Trance moonwalking

I got insidiously envious—Penis Envy again
Seeing how generous—Mother Nature had been
Harmony-drenched, spook-laden, handsome as
Darby Jones—Jacques Tourneur’s Carrefour

Jerome’s languishing male largesse—leaving him

Moody, sullen and guilt-stricken—ashamed of his
Exquisite Negritude—dropping out of school—
Self-conscious—all those queer ogling eyeballs

A scene—in the showers after wrestling practice

Especially those envious glances by the gay coach
Jerome’s exquisitely overly-endowed thuggery
Making him feel sullen and them self-conscious

I stared at him differently—with truly authentic
Brotherly love—me the biggest queer in town
Dwayne was ashamed of me—I wonder why?
Brotherly love making me grow—pale and weak

Things got touchy—being Jerome’s older brother
I’d gone queer for him—me such a shy delicate

Dilettante of Dinge at first—but then once I got
Into it—I wanted Mandingo love all the time…

Shamelessly homicidal—like the Boston Strangler
I wanted to choke my cute black brother to death
Mulatto love driving at night—in the Cadillac
Like F.W. Murnau in his Packard—over the cliff!!!

So shamelessly smarmy—even I blushed back then
The more I got into it—well, the more ashamed I got
Straining my lips—on his simply ungodly Godzilla
A midnight kiss—after stomping Tokyo flat

I could feel young King Kong—deep inside him
Straight from Skull Island—the famous gay
Getaway vacation spot—for primitive tourisimo
Island of Mystery—Island of Fay Wray!!!

Nocturnal Emissions—waking me at night
Feeling so terribly embarrassed by it (kinda)
Waking me up—Jerome’s growing machismo
My petulant bruised lips—smeared with it…

If the neighbors only knew—the Awful Truth
Hopefully nobody knew—about our mulatto romance

The times Jerome fainted—flexing his nice tight ass
Tight rosebud asshole—squeezing my tongue blue

Those were the hot times sometimes—back when
Jerome fainted—his snotty soiree thick with
Mandingo underworld—all that runny offspring

Wasted on my famished Sodom and Miss G lips
Such excruciating Adios Adonis—into the Sunset
Sluggish thug love—tender heartbreaking moments
So very vulnerable—Jerome’s twisted Venus-torso
Our bedroom ceiling—writhing like a Sistine Chapel

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