Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zucco the Voodoo Queen

Zucco the Voodoo Queen

"Ramboona never fails!"
—Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi—and Miss Zucco
Such Hollywood Babylon Queens!!!
Zucco worshipping—RAMBOONA
High Priestess—in black magician drag

Wearing the most gorgeously faggy
Headdress of feathers—ever worn
By any LA Priestess—from here to
Eternity—and back again!!!

Monogram quickies—so tiring
Grade-Z productions—Ed Wood
Would love—this Zombie excursion
Corpses vanishing—right & left

Carradine appears—unintentionally campy
As bongo beating retard—in the basement
Taking care of all the—lovely young zombies
Who’ll never leave—the scene of the crime

Bela Lugosi plays—Dr. Marlowe
Who practices voodoo—on pretty zombies
To revive his wife—zombiesque for 20 years
With their youthful—vital female juices!!!

Lugosi, Carradine—and George Zucco
Can’t raise the film—to much excitement
But then who needs—horror & excitement
When there’s so much—camp going on?

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