Sarah Palin—Wasilla Swan Song

Just say no to hockey moms!!!
That’s all I can say—about Palin.
If I hear—one more idiot saying
She has that—naughty librarian look
I’m going to puke—on the TV

We’re seriously—fucked in 2012
We might as well—just hold the
Next election—coming up soon
In the Wal Mart—parking lot!!!
Or is it that way—already???

After the election—I’m afraid that
We’ll all be sent off—to the secret
Reeducation camps—in Nome
Oh Lordy—am I ready to be saved?
Quick—the morphine-adavan drip!!!

Track’s a good-looking kid—so what
If his hockey mom—is Alaska governor?
He’s a ripe candidate—in years to come
To be President himself—out of a sense
Of entitlement—if nothing else!!!

Entrenching the Right Wing—isn’t that
The name of the game—giving moral
Waivers to guyz—like Track Palin
Forgiving them of—their pre-Service
Behaviors—as long as it wasn’t queer?

Why is it the—“family values” people
Are the ones—with the most fucked-up
Kids on the planet—you dumb-ass
Evangelical snots—why? Because all
Kids are the same—worthless pieces
Of shit—who want to fuck & get high!

C’mon get real—the right wing gives
A fuck about pro-life religious values
Their greedy GOP outlook is hardly
Shocking anymore—their hypocrisy
Just another crummy Ponzi scam!!!

Rich country club—hockey moms—
Not your typical—Wal Mart sluts
They still drive—Cadillac Esplanades
No matter what the—price of gas
Cell phones—growing out their ear!!!

All the girls—loved Track Palin
But the Alaskan—Eskimo boyz liked
Him even better—handsome nude
Dude—dancing around in the igloos
Nothing on but—fuzzy mukluks!!!

According to the—National Enquirer
And who believes them—after lying
About Edwards—cheating on his wife
The Palin family—is a trailer trash
Disaster on wheels—but surely not!?!

C’mon Gintaras—I can see it now
One of the sad acts—of Saddest
Music of the World—welcome to
Winnipeg—please enjoy the beer
Gimme white trash caricatures!!!

Claudius—said that only Rome could
Heal itself—after indulging in the worst
Of the worst corruption—and evil
The bottom-fish—gotta rise & rot!!!

Maybe we haven’t—bottomed out yet
There’s still more—Republican evangelical
Insanity to endure—before we can be
Americans again—all I can say is that
Where the fuck—is the adavan-drip???

Rome didn’t rot in a day—they say
So I’m not pulling my—fucking hair out
Because totalitarian, fascist, war-
Mongering Rome—levitated rather
Nicely over here—to the Beltway…

Get ready for a—Jerry Springer Show
It’s right around the—fucking corner
How to counter this? You can’t—
It’s like Watergate—they learn from
Their mistakes—You Betcha!!!

The First Lady—and her Family
Todd, Trick, Bitch, Fuck, Penis and
Pooper—I can’t wait for them to begin!!!
What fun we’ll have—a true-blue
Religious right—Sit-com from Hell!!!

I love—cultural Fundamentalism
Using your kids—and the Church
To get Power—and create Perception
Faith, Hope and Love—the only way!!!
The American Way—You Betcha!!!

When I say something—upstanding
And Proud—why do I feel like gagging
Down in some Berlin bunker—while
The Mongolian mobs—maraud the
Outskirts, suburbs—then City Hall!?!

According to—The National Enquirer
Wasilla Alaska—is Dante’s Inferno
It’s got a huge meth problem—and
And the sainted Republicans—are up
To their necks—in polar bear kaka!!!

Do condoms—create pregnancy?
Hardly my dears—hello planet earth?
Does birth control—create babies?
Well, do they waltz in Vienna?
What’s next? Todd wants sex change?

No wonder Todd—fishes all the time
No wonder he stays away—I would too
Snowmobiles sound—fun to me
How to get away—from Whale Blubber?
How to hide from—the Moose Queen?

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