Sarah Palin: Saddest Music the World

Sarah Palin: Saddest Music the World

In 2009, in Alaska during the American Great Depression, the brainless baroness of Alaska industry, Lady Helen Port-Huntley (Governess Sarah Palin), promotes a contest to choose the saddest political issue in the world and find where the real thinkers are. People come from all parts of the world, including her lovely husband Todd Palin who simply can't believe that Miss Whale Blubber Miss Moose Hunter has became Mayor and then Governor!!!

Naturally like any modest Alaskan fisherman, Todd Palin feels funny about his wife’s ambitions. That she ran for Vice President of the USA was bad enough—along with that sad old frog McSame!!!

What Sad Music to my ears!!!

But it gets worse!!!

Bristol Palin Pregnant!!!

GOP Shocked!!!

Sarah Palin Steps Down!?!

Nope!!! She run runs for POTUS!!!

Yes, now Miss Whale Blubber wants to be POTUS!!! My Gawd!!! Says Todd Palin to his daughter and her seminal boyfriend. Miss Moose Hunter is quitting being Governor of Alaska—now she wants to be POTUS!!!

And look at the dynamite political issue she’s chosen as her Don Quixote Windmill to charge into the next Presidential Campaign!!! Healthcare and sad music Euthanasia!!! For the poor sad music Wrinklies!!!

Oh what Sad Music!!! Saddest Music in the World!!!

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