Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

“There is a place
not here—nor near
nor far Don’t go don’t go”
—Charles Bernstein
“Fantasy on Nightmare
on Elm Street,”
Girly Man

Underneath my skin—
My heart moves—once again
My breast—likes to be touched
It thumps—murmurs along
After all—I’m the Bride

They watch me—for hours
Proud Pretorius and the Count
Pulling him—from his wedding
Bed—to spend a night creating
Gods and monsters!!!

Darkness—underneath my eyes
I love the feel—of his fingers
Colin Clive—sliding his forefinger
And middle finger—down my
Smooth stomach’s healing scar

The soft light—of the Laboratory
The kites high above—enough
Static electricity—to make my
Hair stand—straight on end
Neck-bolts glowing—in the dark

All the parts of me—cleaving
Together into—a new human
My heart moves, I breathe
Clive swoons, Pretorius smirks
I’m alive again—all of me

Bette Davis’ killer hands—
The intense eyes—of Joan Crawford
Louise Allbritton—gliding thru swamps
The Burgomaster wife’s nipples
Tippi Hedren’s—fear of birds

Evelyn Ankers’—lovely scream
Marlene Dietrich’s—husky voice
Marilyn Monroe’s—sultry pout
The legs of—Arnold Schwarzenegger
Am I not—Bride of Frankenstein?

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