Monday, July 13, 2009

Uroboros Fractals

Uroboros Fractals

“With a bite,
the apple eater
is surrounded
Near Eve’s
Teeth marks
The poison is
Most intense—
So Original Sin
Flares in any act
In the act of the
Mind—world arrest
Asserts itelf”
—Clayton Eshleman
Under World Arrest

We’re under—house arrest
For me—there’s No Exit
From Peril—here and now

Politcal incarceration—crimes
Documented by Clayton Eshleman
Boss Cupid’s—Guantánamo Bay

The world—has no Origin
We’re encircled—by Fractal Fantasy
Imprisoned—inside a Wreck of Images

Poetry as—a slouching Snake
Serpentine—writhing Reptilian
Halo—of Fractal Emptiness

Regardless of—how deep one goes
Zooming down into—Mandelbrot sets
There’s always—additional detail to see

During this 12-second—Animation Zoom
The set becomes—magnified 11-million times
The frame is life-size—at 45 mm across

But what if instead—of Fractal Freedom
Zoom Animation—reveals the opposite?
We’re imprisoned—in a Fractal Labyrinth?

Suspended—between Origin & Now
An inherent Doppelganger—Doubleness
An uroboric Snake—biting its own Tail?

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