Mandelbrot Menace

Mandelbrot Zoom

Mandelbrot Menace

“frame fantasies
like beginnings of
sentences, form
opening clauses,
seeking a plausible
conjunction that a
sentence can turn
on to compound
the daydream”
—Thom Gunn,
“The Menace,”
Passages of Joy

The distance—between
The Actual—and Apparent
Culminating—in clauses of
Action—Narrative Sex

I’m not—a real poet
But a poet—inducted by
Myself—into an army of
Fantasy—greeting the Other

Thom Gunn—isn’t greatly
Perplexed—by Violence
But concentrates—like me
On Order—and Control

Sadomasochism—I admit
Defines the—relationship
Between—Form & Content
They imprison—each other

Fractals—become Fetishes
Like Gunn’s—motorcyclists
Tightly bound—in leather
Creating their—own world

But I lack—British irony
The very idea—of a handsome
Metaphysical biker—seems
Ridiculous to me—even Brando

Altho I can see—metrical
Regularity in—Gunn’s poetry
Intellectual conceits—on

His sullen—end rhymes
Enjambments—posing as
Utmost Freedoms—his

His transition—from control
To release—his metamorphoses
Into Wolf Boy—falling down on
All fours—beneath fractal moons

Lycanthropy—and Mandelbrot
Lying in bed—dreaming I’m wolf
My astral body—like Lon Chaney Jr
Concocting fractal—eidetic imagery?

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