The Trick to Falling

The Trick to Falling

“Before I throw my body off,
my enemy of the state, I'm
going to kneel and face the
harsh music that is space.”
—Alice Fulton

The trick to falling—is never landing
In the Mandelbrot Sea—over your head
The lyric—which majored in descent
Free now—to freefall and descend

Freefalling—means the story
Intricate divagations—distancing yourself
Consider—what it takes to get you there
The descent—aesthetically laying waste

It’s like parachuting—I'd rather hit
The silk from above—and let gravity
Bungee cord me—downward flight
Enhanced aerodynamics—slow-mo

Descent—can be calibrated but
I'd rather trust my intuition—existing
In flux—untouched by conscious
Mathematical fixations

In what disguise will—I survive?
My dissent imminent—yet unscripted
Dantesque as usual—whose Virgil
Guide is the fractal—within my mind?

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