The Fractal Double

The Fractal Double

“Precisely delicate as nylon
the ripstop kind that withstands
40 pounds of pull per inch”
—Alice Fulton

I was frightened—my Double hissed
And I thought I was dead—the sensation
Of descent vanishes—once the body stops Accelerating—it's astonishing how it works

Nothingness firms up—breath becomes mass
The transparent turns—substantial
I stretched out—on that dense blue sea
The Mandelbrot canopy—spread over me

Chaos held me up—it’s hard to describe
Was it intimate—like mind or body?
I sensed it was—intensely Other
Saying to me—“What took you so long?”

Did we descend together—like Twins?
Like Olympic skydivers—or lead balloons?
Are there different—patterns to Freefall?
Is there some kind of—Icarus Effect?

Arriving somewhere—spit out of darkness
Growling—in primary tiger stripes
Art moderne—stealthy as Chrysler Bldg
Ancient—radar of the future
Flying—outside the body
When Falling—is a means of Flying
What technique is best—to release
How many—fractal worlds?

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