Teenage Werewolf

Teenage Werewolf


“I was a teenage werewolf
Doing the best that I can
I wanna hold your hand
But evil intervened—
And cut short our scene
—The Remus Lupins,
“Teenage Werewolf”

A single—shameless gutter
Runs down—into Lascaux
Filling up—the animal sewers
With lupine—laissez-faire

Young Frenchmen with—
Black beret—sunglasses
Cocteau Orphée enablers
Shamelessly—guiding me

Down into White Trash—
Trailer Court—Decadence
Hookahs and hashish—
Elvis the Pelvis—Liberace

Coiling conduits deep—
Into underground labyrinths
Full of minotaured pubes—
Erect werewolf bellybuttons

Feeling bottomless urges—
Generational tides—sliding up
And down—my born-again
Human—Cro-Magnon legs

My cheesy—Literature Act
High-Class Ripley’s Believe It
Or Not—Pulp Fiction Motel

Loved the—secret prowlings
Wolfish film noir—evenings
Rainy nights—North Beach
Wet eucalyptus—City Lights

The steep hill—down Buchanan
Japantown—full of Sushi bars
Kinokuniya Bookstore—late night
Sushi Snack—still quivering

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