Michael Landon

Michael Landon
—for WCW

so much
depends on
michael landon
young werewolf

sitting in the
gym howling
at a pair
of tits

Wolfboy (1941)
—for Edward Field

sometimes you meet
a guy and fall in love—
you take him—to a bar
and buy him a drink

you like his wolfish eyes
and his wolfish legs
and afterwards you make
love and he bites you bad

or maybe at the YMCA
at night with you in the pool
a wolf stalks you in the
dark—a young cute wolf

think of—lon chaney jr
or maybe—michael landon
or better yet—listen
to them softly whimper

the night—you meet
in a dark alley—a bar
his face is—full of pain
he’s exceptionally hirsute

you say “what’s the matter?”
and he runs away from
your pentagram tattoo
plus your silver bullet

Gypsy Love
—for Edward Field

wolfboy lives—with gypsies
chained and tied up—in the back
of maria ouspenskya’s rustic
gypsy wagon each night

a path of cadavers—follows
the gypsy gang—as they wander
from town to town—telling
fortunes—playing violins

hearing his approach—the men
welcome him—he hunts for
deer, rabbits—sometimes even
a cute girl—tender virgins

wolfboy hunts—never knows
kindness—only bloodthirsty
urges to kill & devour—how
awful to be—slave to instincts

believing only in pentagrams
and full moons—he devours
girlish shish-ka-bob raw

then he’s—chained again
in the back of—maria’s cabin
to sleep it off—naturally
he enjoys—being a wolfboy

The Bride of Wolfboy
—for Edward Field

evelyn ankers—such a
beautiful pin-up movie star
known as the scream queen
of horror flicks—beautiful

long chaney wrestles with
her husband richard denning
in her Hollywood dressing room
both of them—totally drunk

the full moon—is bright
gypsies dance—by firelight
violins play madly—the music
of slinky snake like—accordions

beneath—the gypsy moon
evelyn ankers—runs away
with michael landon—leaving
handsome denning behind

who knows—what happens
soon the vagabonds—are gone
leaving nothing—behind but
clean-picked—village girl bones

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