Mandelbrot Metaphysics

Mandelbrot Metaphysics

“Mandelbrot's discoveries
could change the way we
look at the world, and, by
extension, the way we
look at poetry”—Alice Fulton

It’s not expected—there’s no drama
The downward prolix—growth of beaches
Seashores—no brimstone footnotes

More like a pervasive—movement
Without wind—weeping crocodile tears
Seascapes of energy—bottomless pits

Vermilion topographies—intricate textures
Elysium Fields—emerald as green Jello
Disney-esque—animations Vaseline smooth

Saline caves—grottos & graveyards
Ages of falling—never landing
Downward—pixel-driven sculptures

Things—permanently reiterating
Out of kilter, whack—on the blink
As seen thru—virtual voodoo

Free will—comes down to
Dizzying fractals—pull the blinds
Let the eye—see new meanings

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