Fractal Highways

Fractal Highways

“Fractal form may allow
a more precise measure
of those poetic shapes
that aren't governed by
the strategies of prosody.”
—Alice Fulton

Hermetic freeways—fast lanes
The Earth gets faster—more precise
The thrill in thinking—vertically

Ghostly and unknown—landscapes
Interwoven with vast—seascapes
We can’t see—the end of it

Fractal music—and soundtracks
Better to watch—without earphones
Unless of course—you’re into Cage

Listening to—DJ Spooky is cool
The speedy blacktop—and highways
They need a fractal zone—to glide in

There’s no spectral—cogent linchpin
Currently subterfuging—the Autobahn
It takes a Mercedes—and not a dumb one

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